About Helbros

According to the trademark registry, the trademark for "Helbros" was assigned to "The Elgin National Watch Company" in 1968, and was reassigned back to "Helbros Watches Inc" in 1974. There's another trademark listed for "Helbros Regency" which was registered in 1947 by "Helbros Watch Company Inc", that was also assigned to Elgin in 1968, and back to Helbros Watchesin 1974. The last registration linked to "Helbros Watches" was in 1991, and it was canceled in 1998. All the "old" registrations for Helbros died (weren't renewed or were canceled) by 1991 or 1998, with the exception of the registration for "Helbros Invincible". That one was registered in 1981, and wasn't cancled until 2002
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