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The beginning of RICOH
Ricoh started on February 6, 1936 as Riken Corporation, "Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd." based on the work of Dr. Ookawati Masatoshi. In March 1938, the company name was changed to Riken Optical Industry, "Riken Optical Co., Ltd." and started production of optical devices and equipment.
May 1962 - Ohmori Plant and General Research Laboratory completed.
Apr. 1, 1963 - Name changed (again) to Ricoh Co., Ltd.
May 1967 - Ginza Office established.
Mr. Kiyoshi Ichimurais shown as having a growing career within this company, as well as having various business leadership roles outside Ricoh.
Feb. 2, 1936 Kiyoshi Ichimura appointed executive managing director [until Jan. 11, 1946]
 "Dec. 16, 1968 Founder and President Kiyoshi Ichimura passed away"
  Ricoh took over (bought out) the ailing Takano firm.
In 1962, Hamilton entered into a joint venture (60% owned by Hamilton) with the Japanese watchmaking firm Ricoh to produce electric watches meant primarily for the Japanese market. The partnership was dissolved in 1965.

The Ricoh company today is a large Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company.
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