About Smiths
Smiths (clocks and automotive instruments manufacturer) started manufacturing their own watches in 1947 in a factory in England in 1947. They also entered a joint venture with Ingersoll (the British offshoot, not the US company) to start a watch factory in Wales, that started production in 1940. English Smiths are much higher quality, but Welsh Smiths are very durable. The original Welsh Smiths Empire pocket watch (also branded Ingersoll Triumph) was based on an old Ingersoll design from around 1897. After that came a series of wristwatches. Ingersoll pulled out of the venture in the 1960s and started sourcing their watches from Europe. Smiths gradually replaced their Welsh models with locally-case Seiko movements, and later fully-imported low-grade Swiss watches. The last Smiths watch made in 1980 was the original pocket watch.

There are various other British brands, but nothing in the post-war period to match the English-made Smiths, which are particularly known for their use by the British army. Edmund Hillary wore a Smiths De Luxe to the top of Mt Everest.
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